New Products

Here at Vi we are constantly evolving our product and service offering, ensuring we continue to offer Veterinarians a comprehensive and dynamic product portfolio.

On our dedicated new product development page, you will find the latest products added to our extensive portfolio.

Recent product launches include:

- Modular Plating Box Concept For Plating Kits

- Comprehensive Arthroscopy Range

- Vi’s Locking Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plate Range

- Vi’s Cortical Star Drive Self Tapping Screw Range

- Vi’s 1.5mm Locking Plate & Screw System

- Extended TTA Rapid Range Now Including Tiny Sizes

- CBLO Range

- B. Braun Aesculap Acculan 4

- The 3rd Generation Of The Subcutaneous Ureteral Bypass System

- Extended TPLO Locking Plate Range