Plastic Usage Statement

We are a business which was born out of, and built upon, a genuine love of animals and a passion to improve their welfare.

As an ethical supplier, we are committed to supplying products which are packaged to preserve product integrity, deliver a product fit for its intended use, whilst reducing the environmental impact that derives from the use of plastic packaging.

To that end, Vi started an initiative to reduce the volume of plastic packaging utilised with our products. This initiative sees the stapling of all UK orders for screws in order volumes less than ten.

To date this has resulted in us using c. 10,000 fewer plastic bags this year, the equivalent to a 20% reduction on 2019 consumption rates. As we look to standardise this practice across other product lines and through our global distribution network, we expect to reduce our use by another c. 10,000.

We acknowledge there’s still work to be done, ensuring we have a packaging solution that is both fit for purpose and is as sustainable as possible.

Initiatives we are currently looking at include, but are not limited to:
• Biodegradable void fill
• Paper void fill
• Biodegradable bubble wrap & tape
• Recycling of product containers i.e. drill bit cases

We are always open to ideas on how we can improve our plastic usage, and to that end, we would love to collaborate further on this matter with our valued partners.

Yours sincerely,
The Vi team