About Vi

For over three decades, Veterinary Instrumentation have been at the forefront of the animal healthcare community we proudly serve.

Founded by a pioneering vet, John Lapish, the wellbeing of animals and the advancement of the industry is our passion and mission. 

With a portfolio of over 5,000 products to select from, our dynamic and comprehensive range of Surgical and Orthopaedic Instrumentation, Joint Surgery and Fracture Fixation products, allow Practices and users to consolidate and drive value from their clinical service through one reputable source.  

The quality and efficacy of our products is demonstrated through 19,000 Vi products being implanted each year, giving you the ultimate peace of mind when adopting a Vi product.

Underpinning the above, is over 90 years of in-Practice experience through our dedicated team of Veterinary nurses, delivering a remote consultation and partnership approach to support you and your Practice.

Through constructive dialogue with animal healthcare professionals, our goal is to advance animal healthcare together.