We are delighted to announce a new and exclusive distribution partnership with TheraVet bringing the BIOCERA-VET portfolio to our customers across the UK and Ireland.

The BIOCERA-VET BONE SURGERY range includes:

• BIOCERA-VET BONE SURGERY RTU; a ready-to-use, highly injectable,self-hardening calcium phosphate bone substitute.

• BIOCERA-VET GRANULES; an affordable, biocompatible calcium-phosphate bonesubstitute.

• BIOCERA-VET SMARTGRAFT; a naturally osteoconductive bone graft.

• BIOCERA-VET COMBO-CLEAN; a local and sustained antibiotic releasing bone substitute.

The range is indicated for surgeries requiring a bone graft, such as arthrodesis, fractures, corrective osteotomies and tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA).

Also available to order is BIOCERA-VET OSTEOSARCOMA RTU, which is a ready-to-use, calcium phosphate bone substitute for cementoplasty. Cementoplasty with BIOCERA-VET OSTEOSARCOMA provides a new palliative solution for dogs presenting with osteosarcoma. By strengthening the bone, cementoplasty helps to relieve pain and improve quality of life.

*Available to order at Vi for UK & Ireland Customers Only

**See product IFU for further details

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