Dental Elevators

Dental Elevators

Elevator or Luxator?

Elevator. A stocky strong blade used to extract loose teeth using adjacent sound teeth. Not usually meant to go below the gumline. More useful in humans where crown/root ratio is closer to 50:50 & roots are stronger. In animals root ration is closer to 30:70 & roots taper toward the apex. They will fracture if the peridontal ligament fibres are not loosened or cut before forceps are applied or if the instrument is torqued.

Luxator. A thin, sharp blade designed to be pushed into the periodontal ligament space down the long axis of the root. It cuts the periodontal ligament fibres & expands the alveolar plate as it is pushes apically. Should not be twisted or lifted (torqued) during use. Must be kept sharp & sterilised after every use.

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