About Vi

The veterinary profession continues to develop, with practitioners and practices demanding ever better clinical outcomes.

Answering these increasingly diverse needs, Vi have the most comprehensive range of instruments, implants and equipment available.

You'll find the tried and trusted alongside the innovative and new, all designed with the highest standards of materials and practicality in mind.

As ever, we're committed to ensuring that every Vi product performs at its best. That's why our team of gurus is always on hand to advise and guide.

Founded by a vet and still inspired by vets, we're continually looking for ways to improve what we offer and happy to hear feedback and ideas from you.

We're determined that everyone who uses a Vi product can do more and treat better.

Meet the Vi Gurus

Our comprehensive range of products is coupled with in-depth and real world knowledge of how to use them. So we have a dedicated team of experienced veterinary nurses and surgeons on hand to share their knowledge.

These gurus provide the individual specialist advice that ensures procedures are right and delivered to the highest standard. Along with the professional backup and technical support on all aspects of veterinary surgery that keep busy vets up to date.

This dedicated care continues into the pack and dispatch room where the experienced packers know all our products inside out. Their attention to detail guarantees the products fit the order.

Available worldwide, working with a guru is straightforward. The fact that many vets are already well known to us helps. It means often a simple call or email is enough.

To ask for advice from our guru team, please contact us on info@vetinst.com

Proudly designed in Sheffield

Sheffield people are known for being very good-humoured and direct. So, with Vi you know you’ll get the right advice, delivered with a smile and no-nonsense. Perfect for busy vets.

As a city though, we’ve transformed. Our industries are now creative, innovative, research based and digital. Sheffield’s steel making has evolved into high end, specialist and high quality.

True to our heritage everything we do still stands for quality and durability. But in keeping with the contemporary fresh-thinking city Sheffield is today, with Vi you can also add inventive and proud.

Local character, global view

Henry Schein understands the advantages of a global reach but values the individuality of a local specialist. The advantage we now have is to offer both

Henry Schein is the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to dental, animal health and medical practitioners. Their comprehensive knowledge of the supply and sales chain means their support is practical as well as entrepreneurial.

Together we share an ethos to deliver the best product at the right time, every time.