Modular Plating Box

Modular Plating Box

Advancing the supply of Veterinary Instrumentation’s fracture fixation plating kits, we introduce the Modular Plating Box concept.

Portable in nature, the handling characteristics deliver a seamless processing experience. The concept ensures structure and formation, improving product identification and presentation.

With each plating box component being modular in nature, the user has the ability to create customisable kits personalising them to your own needs.

Underpinning the above is the efficacy of our implants, the crucial components of any plating kit.

With over 19,000 Vi products being implanted each year from a diverse portfolio of over 1,400 different plate and screw profiles, validation and user assurance is achieved through a revision rate of under 0.1%, rivalling any fracture repair system.

To view our Modular Plating Box Range's Screw Caddy guide, click here.

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