howard b ovariohysterectomy clamp

Designed and developed in practice by Howard Taylor who recognised that ovariohysterectomy was far from straightforward, particularly but not exclusively for recent graduates.
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howard "b" ovariohysterectomy clamp
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The Clamp has a number of features which assist the surgeon in the exposure and ligature of the ovarian pedicle. • The ligature material is preloaded onto the forceps which takes it through the broad ligament. • Longitudinal grooves in the jaw minimise slippage • As the forceps are rotated the ‘B’ shaped extension ‘collects’ and brings together the structures of the pedicle ready for tying. • The forceps sit outside the incision to exteriorise the pedicle The ligature is tied without precrushing but is retained by a small haemostat to check for bleeding prior to closure.