c-lox distractor

Used to distract the intervertebral disk space. 90mm deep. Drill 2.5mm holes for legs.
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clox spinal distrctor 90 degree 50mm cvd
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twist drill w/ ao connection 225mm
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Manufactured in pure titanium using the same advanced selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology as TTA Rapid cages, a trabecular structure approaching the same Young’s modulus as cancellous bone is created. In theory this reduces the risk of subsidence commonly seen with many of the more basic metallic implants. The trabecular structure also encourages early vascularisation and bone through-growth. C-Lox cages feature integrated spikes that stand proud of the bearing surfaces and engage with adjacent vertebral end-plates. Additional locking screw fixation provides for a secure primary fixation. Technique Summary 1. Preliminary cage size is selected following imaging 2. From a ventral approach, the affected intervertebral disc space is identified and exposed 3. Drill adjacent vertebral bodies using a 2.5mm drill-bit and distract the intervertebral disc space using the C-Lox Distractor 4. Perform laminectomy 5. Use the C-Lox Spinal Disk Broaching Curette is used to remove all remnants of the nucleus pulposus and to create a bed for a C-Lox cage 6. Use trial cage (template, no spikes) to confirm cage selection 7. Insert final cage 8. Mark start point for screws using dedicated guide and drill-bit 9. Insert special C-Lox self-drilling, self-tapping titanium locking screws