1.5mm t plates - compression holes

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1.5mm t plate 2 hole head 3 hole shaft 20mm
(exclu. VAT)
SKU: T151520
1.5mm t-plate 2 hole head 4 hole shaft 25mm
(exclu. VAT)
SKU: T151525
1.5mm t plate 3 hole head 3 hole shaft 26mm
(exclu. VAT)
SKU: T1515626
1.5mm t plate 3 hole head 4 hole shaft 31mm
(exclu. VAT)
SKU: T1515731
1.5mm 3 hole head 5 hole shaft 36mm
(exclu. VAT)
SKU: T1515836
1.5mm 3 hole head 6 hole shaft 40mm
(exclu. VAT)
SKU: T1515940
2.4mm t plate 38mm 6 hole
(exclu. VAT)
SKU: T240638
Our ‘T’ Plates are available in straight patterns with either two or three head holes and as left or right cranked versions. Despite already having a substantial range of ‘T’ Plates, we have offered fracture advice on a number of cases over the last year where existing ‘T’ Plates have appeared to have been a bit of a compromise. We continue to develop our range of ‘T’ Plates to try and ‘fill the gaps’ and present the most comprehensive and genuinely useful veterinary T-plate selection available including 1.0mm ‘T’ Plates, 1.5mm ‘T’ Plates and our Hybrid Anatomical ‘T’ Plates. We have also reviewed our more established ranges and interpolated several new and interesting options which we hope should prove useful.