BOAS Surgery Mouth Gag

BOAS Surgery Mouth Gag

There has been a circa 3,000% increase in the numbers of French Bulldogs in the last decade. The narrow airways of these brachycephalic breeds can cause breathing difficulties, sometimes requiring surgical intervention. In fact, 60% of UK Surgeons are now routinely performing BOAS surgery.

Vi are proud to introduce the new BOAS Mouth Gag, designed to simplify surgical access during these procedures. Designed in collaboration with one of the UK’s leading soft tissue Surgeons, the fully adjustable stand ensures excellent flexibility for patient positioning. Additional features include a hook for positioning of the ET tube away from the field of view, and a cleat hook to extend and position the tongue as necessary.

The new BOAS Mouth Gag from Vi has been designed to facilitate optimal surgical access, helping to ensure better outcomes for your BOAS surgery patients.

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