AAS Darvall Cozy Warm Air System

The Darvall Cozy™ Warm Air Heater is easy and straightforward to use. Running quietly, it produces minimal noise pollution in theatres and recovery areas.
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cozy darvall warm air blanket system starter kit
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The Darvall Cozy™ Starter Kit contains: Darvall Cozy™ Warm Air Heater Unit Wheel Kit - 4 Push Fit Wheels Starter Pack of Blankets (10 Blankets in total) Kennel Door Adaptor Pre-Warming prevents heat loss post-induction Use Darvall Cozy™ Warm Air Heater Twist Connect kennel door connector Warm 2 small cages simultaneously with an connector One Twist to rapidly move between kennels Efficient: Pre-Warm for only 40 mins. Push-fit hose nozzle into Twist Lock connector Can half the time of recovery warming Innovative blanket designs for cages Safer warming with conscious animals Solving peri-anesthetic hypothermia Safe hose-end temperature sensor Protective Hose-Cover Reliable nozzle-blanket connection Hose Clamp secures to surgery table Cozy™ is Lightweight & Compact Kennel Door Hangers built-in IV Pole Clamp rear mounted Filter 0.2um HEPA; replace/500 hrs. Elevated above floor dust & hair Mobile & Stable on 4 dual-wheels