AAS Darvall Warm Air System Accessories For the AAS Cozy Unit

Additional accessories are available for the Darvall system include a Kennel Door Connector allowing the main hose to attach to the adaptor which is firmly fixed to the cage bars. Two Cage Adaptor - a useful Y adaptor allowing two blankets in adjoining kennels to run from one heater unit.
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darvall two kennel hose kit & y adapter requires x2 aas9842
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darvall cozy kda universal heater hose adapter
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AAS Darvall Warm Air Blankets What makes them different from the rest? The Darvall series of warm air blankets are specifically designed for veterinary use. The unique blanket surface design is porous polyester which provides low uniformly distributed air flow, providing efficient warming, reducing the ‘wind chill’ factor and minimising hair contamination. Traditional warm air blankets have a punched out surface allowing a higher rate of air flow out of the blanket. OK for humans, as we are on a very different scale, but much less suitable for veterinary patients. Blankets are available in a range of standard under and over blankets with a special design for dentistry and oral surgery which leaves the head area free of hoses etc. Recovery blankets have dual hose inlets positioned for right or left recumbency patients improving access for connection in a kennel. Standard under and over blankets have two hose inlets, allowing easy positioning of the hose. Tube blankets are also available.