AAS Darvall Warm Air Blankets - Surgery/ Cage Blanket for Exotics & Small Animals

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Innovative Warm Air Blankets for surgery, dentistry, exotics & kennels. Use for pre-warming, during anaesthesia & in recovery. What makes them different from the rest? The Darvall series of warm air blankets are specifically designed for veterinary use. The unique blanket surface design is porous polyester which provides low uniformly distributed air flow, providing efficient warming, reducing the ‘wind chill’ factor and minimising hair contamination. Traditional warm air blankets have a punched out surface allowing a higher rate of air flow out of the blanket. OK for humans, as we are on a very different scale, but much less suitable for veterinary patients. The blankets are colour coded, the white side always is in contact with the patient. The new blanket range will have upgraded design features.