AAS Darvall Cocoon Warm Air Unit Accessories

Although the AAS Darvall Cocoon Heater has now been superseded by the Darvall Cozy™ Heater we are still able to offer a range of accessories and services for the Cocoon heater.
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darvall warm air heater cage door adapter
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darvall warm air heater crocodile clip hosse holder
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darvall cocoon warm air heater hose complete
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darvall two kennel hose kit & y adapter requires x2 aas9842
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Darvall Kennel Door Connector Additional accessories available for the Darvall Cocoon system include a Kennel Door Connector allowing the main hose to attach to the adaptor which is firmly fixed to the cage bars. Darvall Two Kennel Y Adaptor A useful Y adaptor allowing 2 blankets in adjoining kennels to run from one heater unit. A second short hose connects the blanket to the cage door, making disconnection of the unit quick and easy without disturbing the patient.