small feline elevator

The 2mm angled tip on a fine handle allows access to lingual surfaces. Also useful in the extraction of rabbit incisors.
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small feline dental elevator
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Elevator or Luxator? Luxator- thin, sharp blade designed to be pushed into the periodontal ligament space down the long axis of the root. It cuts the periodontal ligament fibres and expands the alveolar plate as it is pushes apically. Should not be twisted or lifted (torqued) during use. Must be kept sharp and sterilised after every use. Elevator – a stocky strong blade used to extract loose teeth using adjacent sound teeth. Not usually meant to go below the gumline. More useful in humans where crown/root ratio is closer to 50:50 and roots are stronger. In animals root ration is closer to 30:70 and roots taper toward the apex. They will fracture if the peridontal ligament fibres are not loosened or cut before forceps are applied or if the instrument is torqued.