cemta cups

The CemtA cup may be used with either the cemented CemtA stems or the familiar Helica stems. Self -centering pegs ensure that the cup is centered in the reamed acetabulum. This ensures an even mantle of cement. The CemtA cup is available in six sizes to match all stem options.
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cemta cup 21mm
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cemta cup 23mm
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cemta cup 25mm
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cemta cup 27mm
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cemta cup 29mm
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CemtA Cemented System Produced by Innoplant, the manufacturers of the Helica system, the CemtA system both compliments and offers and alternative to Helica and other hip replacement systems. The heads and cups of CemtA are interchangeable with all other Innoplant systems. One of the features of Helica is that it is possible to easily revise the Helica using a long stemed system. The CemtA system is ideal due to the compatibilty of components with Helica. CemtA is an ideal stand alone cemented system requiring a minimum of dedicated instrumentation.