gutter hohman

The Gutter Hohman is the brain-child of Haralabos Haralabidis, DVM from Athens. The gutter profile of the blade’s top surface helps to prevent bones from slipping off sideways until reduction has been achieved. This instrument is most useful for oblique fractures of the long bones of medium size dogs.
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gutter hohman f/ oblique fracture reduction
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Hohman Retractors A simple but multi-function instrument, with a wide number of variations to cover different procedures, patients and surgeons’ requirements Uses include: • Bone levers as an aid to fracture reduction. • Bone levers as an aid to elevating the site of interest, examples include exposing the femoral head and the acetabulum during hip surgery and also joint distraction during stifle surgery. • As soft tissue distractors to improve bone visualisation and access whilst performing many joint and fracture procedures. A scrubbed assistant to hold the retractor in place is most useful. Frequently more than one Hohman is used during a procedure, and the Hohman often accomplishes multiple functions at once, for example soft tissue retraction and protection while elevating the femoral neck. Because of their varied uses, the large variation in the size of our patients and the individual manner in which surgeons prefer to use these instruments, there are now well in excessive of a dozen different designs to choose from.