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Veterinary Tissue Bank is Europe’s first tissue bank dedicated to helping companion animals. Products are available in various presentations, and have many applications from use during procedures such as TTA and joint arthrodesis to dealing with the difficult non-union case.
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dbm putty 1cc
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dbm canine 1cc 0.1-0.5mm
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dbm canine 3cc 0.1-0.5mm
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dbm canine 5cc 0.1-0.5mm
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dbm canine 1cc 0.5-1mm
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dbm canine 3cc 0.5-1mm
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dbm canine 5cc 0.5-1mm
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cancellous chips canine 2-4mm chip size coarse 1cc
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cancellous chips canine 2-4mm chip size coarse 3cc
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cancellous chips canine 2-4mm chip size coarse 5cc
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cancellous chips canine 1-2mm chip size medium 1cc
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SKU: C0201
cancellous chips canine 1-2mm chip size medium 3cc
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SKU: C0203
cancellous chips canine 1-2mm chip size medium 5cc
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SKU: C0205
cancellous chips canine <1mm chip 1cc fine
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cancellous chips canine <1mm chip 3cc fine
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SKU: C0303
cancellous chips canine <1mm chip 5cc fine
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SKU: C0305

DBM Demineralised Bone Matrix (DBM) is cortical bone which has been cut, milled into fine particles and washed to remove soft tissues, cells and marrow elements. Further processing removes minerals to leave collagen matrix and endogenous bone growth factors such as bone morphogenic proteins. DMB is used where osteoinduction is required but the graft does not require any structural properties, for example in small joint arthrodesis. Available in either Powder, Fibres or now as DBM Putty. Cancellous Chips Cancellous Chips offer structure to a graft as well as providing a scaffold for osteoconduction. This is available in canine and feline variants. Canine is available in 3 chip sizes for closer matching to defect size, and 3 pack sizes. The product consists of morcelised cancellous bone, processed to remove soft tissue, cells and marrow elements, freeze-dried and irradiated after packing for sterility. Useful in TTA Rapid, filling corrective osteotomies, fracture repair, spinal fusions among other procedures. It is also useful for extending an autograft where harvesting has not produced sufficient material. DBM Fibres DBM fibres are made from cortical bone and contain Osteoinductive growth factors such as BMP2 and BMP7. Unlike DBM particulates the long fibres are entangled to form an effective Osteoconductive scaffold for greater cell migration. In addition, the fibres areeasier to handle, forming a putty like texture upon rehydration without needing to add synthetic carriers. The fibres stay in situ resisting disintegration during irrigation. Key Indications: DBM fibres are used in a wide range of orthopaedic procedures where fusion of bone or joint is to be achieved. Some examples are: arthrodesis, spinal fusion, fracture repair, etc. DBM fibres may be mixed with cancellous chips as a graft extender in filling large bone defects. The unique texture of DBM fibres is ideal for mixing with bone marrow or PRP to enhance performance. DBM Putty - Premixed Now supplied premixed. DBM particulates are mixed with nanocrystaline hydroxyapatite aqueous suspension prior to use, in the syringes provided. The addition of hydroxyapatite provides a high surface area for osteoconduction, and allows the putty-like texture to form. The product sticks well to the bone surface and conforms to the defect, improving contact to bone. It can be injected into the surgical site direct from the syringe, e.g. in TTA, and will also pass through a 14g needle for non-invasive surgery such as MIPO. Graft Selection Osteoinduction - DBM Osteoconduction - Cancellous Chips Osteoconduction and osteoinduction - DMB Putty/ Fibres