LeiLOX CBLO Locking System Kits

Combines the advantages of TPLO and TTA CBLO (CORA based leveling osteotomy) is a modern osteotomy technique to level the tibia plateau, similar to TPLO. However, CBLO addresses further challenges such as secondary (late) meniscal damage, overload of the caudal cruciate ligament, reduction of proximal anatomic axis shift and the secondary translation as well as misalignment of the joint.
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cblo implant set
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tplo/cblo instrument set
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Multiaxial Locking & Titanium The screws can be locked in 90° angle with a 12° deviation in any direction. This allows you to angle the screws away from vital structures. The robust stardrive screw head can be locked firmly into the plate. All LeiLOX CBLO Implant are made of Titanium by RITA LEIBINGER for the best biocompatibility. Anatomically Shaped Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plates The LeiLOX CBLO plates are contoured to match the anatomic shape of the bone. This makes it easier to place the plate in an optimal position. The plate features limited contact dynamic compression to minimize vascular damage to the plated bone segment. Double Compression Two precisely designed compression holes enable a very tight compression of the osteotomy. This allows you to use a standard cortical screw as the cranio-caudal holding screw (instead of a headless compression screw). Interchangeable 2.7 & 3.5mm Screws Because the screwheads are identical, all CBLO plate sizes work with both the 2.7mm and the 3.5mm titanium CBLO screws. This offers flexibility and saves on inventory cost. For technical content is available on request. Please contact the Vet Team Team on 0345 130 9596 or email info@vetinst.com The CBLO Implant Set contains: 1 x CBLO Implant Tray 1 x Screwrack CBLO 2.7 1 x Screwrack CBLO 3.5 2 x of each CBLO Plate 3 x of each Self Tapping Screw (16-34mm) 5 x of each 2.7 Locking Screw (16-46mm) 5 x of each 3.5 Locking Screw (16-60mm) The TPLO/ CBLO Instrument Set contains: 1 x CBLO Instrument Tray 2 x Drills (2.0 & 2.5mm) 3 x 2 K-Wires (1.0, 2.5 & 3.0mm) 2 x 2 Locking Drill Guides 2 x TPLO Jigs 1 x Screwdriver Handle 1 x Screwdriver Shaft 1 x Depth Gauge 1 x Castroviejo Caliper 2 x Compression Drill Guides